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Recent research shows that ‘brain breaks’ can improve student learning. Brain breaks are short physical activities that increase blood flow and help students regain focus, and stay on task.

A website that provides super fun ‘brain breaks’ for kids is: www.gonoodle.com

When you open the website you are required to make an account. You can then set up different classes.
Your class can choose one character, and the more minutes of activity videos they complete, the bigger the class character gets. Once enough minutes of activity are completed, and the character is fully grown, your class can move onto a new character.
There are different categories for different situations. Your students may need a highly stimulating brain break, or a more relaxing one. Within each activity there are also different video activities to follow, so that your students don’ get bored of doing the same one over and over.

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This website can be used from pre-k through grade 5, and brain break activities can be done as a whole class, small groups, or individually. It really is a great creative tool and can be used whenever felt necessary. I like the way that the website structure contributes to the class culture and gives students a deeper sense of community.

I didn’t really face many challenges on this site, but I’m eager to try it out myself in the classroom. It’s hard to explore all its capabilities without seeing my students’ responses.

2 thoughts on “Go Noodle (www.gonoodle.com)

  1. paveym1

    Sura, oh my gosh, you have hit a gold mine. Our kids (and we ourselves) are so sedentary, especially with the computer always keeping us fixated. I need to find a similar app that will work for middle school kids and me, the biggest couch potato of them all. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. – Meagan

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